Welcome to Power & Grace, a space where women can grow and succeed in harmony.

Power & Grace was created by Claudia Ritter in 2019. In a 10-year career coaching women across the globe she realised that it is only when we truly know ourselves and our purpose, that we can reach for the stars. With this in mind, she created a space to offer bespoke programmes with like-minded women Coach-Facilitators.

Power & Grace is for professional women, to develop their emotional, relational and social intelligence in a way which is creative, innovative and thoughtful. In a world still dominated by male models of leadership we offer programmes inspired by female archetypes, storytelling, and body-mind alignment. To tap into their inner resources and untold strengths. Head-Heart-Guts Leadership.


New Women Leadership Retreat in Cannes, 28 February to 1 March 2020

Power & Grace presents a Leadership Retreat for Women 28 February to 1 March 2020, Cannes An innovative workshop to develop your emotional, relational and social intelligence Led by Prajña Paramita & Claudia Ritter This 3-day leadership retreat is for professional women – to discover their natural Read More...

Two Workshops

Goddess Archetypes within you

This 2-day residential workshop brings you significant insights into the natural strengths you can tap for greater success, balance and harmony. It is designed to help women integrate the various aspects of their femininity in both the workplace and home – and everything in between.

The workshop is a powerful way of increasing self-knowledge and achieving transformation. It is inspired by the work of the Jungian analyst and enlightened feminist Jean Shinoda Bolen. Her research is based on understanding the seven archetype “Goddesses” which are hidden deep within us all.

A powerful way of increasing self-knowledge
and achieving transformation.
To develop strengths and communication skills to motivate those you lead, teach, and love – and transform your own and others’ lives.

STAND TALL!, get moving!

Our customized STAND TALL! programmes offer a guided exploration of flamenco to expand your leadership repertoire. These innovative workshops blend the movements of a traditional dance form with the world of work. We draw on years of research across different disciplines, including emotional intelligence, positive psychology and neuroscience.

Our workshops last from two hours to a full day. We design them to meet needs of your team, club, group, class…. No dance experience is required. We take a friendly inclusive approach. STAND TALL! is equally interesting and effective for experienced and novice dancers.

Use STAND TALL! to develop strengths and communication skills to motivate those you lead, teach, and love – and transform your own and others’ lives.

We offer a range of programmes of varying lengths and themes. Below are some of these, but we are constantly adding new ones. Please follow or write to us to know more.

«Power & Grace,
By Women, For Women»

Individual and Group Coaching

Situations where  our Coaching can support you:

  • You are positioning yourself as a new board or management team member
  • You are  applying for a new post, or considering taking on a new responsibility
  • You want to align your team for a new project
  • You are preparing a presentation and want to win over your audience
  • You want to strengthen your capacity for mental focus and for putting into action a growth mindset
  • You simply want to master, expand, or vary your body language to command attention

We work with you to design a series of 5 to 7 focused sessions.

Integrate everything that makes you YOU: 
communicating, confident, capable.
Claudia Ritter

Claudia Ritter is German-Dutch, and lives between Brussels and Barcelona.

After a career in European Public Affairs, focusing on policy and strategic communications, she became an Executive and Leadership Coach in 2010. A significant part of Claudia’s activity is dedicated to coaching women from diverse cultures and professional backgrounds.

She has run projects on women’s leadership, and partnered with international organisations (UN Women, International Leadership Association, European Institute for Gernder Equality) and the media (Bloomberg, France 24, BBC, RTBf, VRT) to bring about change. Claudia is a member of the Advisory Board of WIIS (Women in International Security Policy) in Brussels and an advisor to Astia, an international not-for-profit organisation supporting women-led start-ups globally.

About the Coach-Facilitators

Prajna Paramita is a senior Executive and Leadership Coach of Indian origin.

She works across sectors (public, corporate and not-for-profit). Her background is in psychology and social and cultural anthropology, before becoming a Coach in 2000. Her career has also encompassed diplomacy and strategic communication.

Cross-cultural through her upbringing, education and career, she works across the globe from her bases in Brussels and New York. From the outset, a majority of Paramita’s clients have been professional women, including those in leadership positions.

«When we truly know ourselves, our roots, our purpose,
then we can reach for the stars.»

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