Power & Grace

presents a

Leadership Retreat for Women

28 February to 1 March 2020, Cannes

An innovative workshop to develop your emotional,
relational and social intelligence

Led by Prajña Paramita & Claudia Ritter

This 3-day leadership retreat is for professional women – to discover their natural strengths by understanding their psychological archetypes. They will learn to embody these, and integrate them for greater success, balance and harmony, in work and in life.

Based on the work of Carl Gustav Jung as interpreted by Jean Shinoda Bolen, our programme takes you on a transformational journey towards Courageous Leadership. It is a mix of deep personal and professional exploration, discovery, and growth. The atmosphere is relaxed. Our days start with breathwork and meditation – for those who wish, and at their own pace – followed by the development sessions. There will be time for a spa treatment in the late afternoons, and evenings will be spent over dinner in hand-picked restaurants with storytelling – understanding the nature of story, how it works, and how it can enrich our lives.

Our coaching approach is inspirational and motivational, and we are confident you will leave the retreat feeling more truly connected to yourself – and to your world: work, parenting, friendship, member of a community … . You will have paused to consider your career and leadership style from your inner core and archetypes, and you will take away insights to apply to your everyday life, in a way that makes you feel grounded – both for yourself, and in your relationships. You will be able to stand tall and focus on what you can project in business, policy-making, not-for-profit … . Wherever it is important to communicate with confidence – as a woman leading with power and grace.


Women of all ages and professional backgrounds, running projects, leading teams, managing complex tasks, or navigating broad stakeholder networks.


Day 1:  Explore, discover and own your psychological archetypes. Inspired by the work of the Jungian psychologist, Jean Shinoda Bolen, integrating 7 archetypes – “Greek goddesses” – which are buried deep within us all – into a complete feminine psyche.

Day 2:  Bring the archetypes to life through mind-body alignment. Breathwork, posture, body movement through the energizing dance form of flamenco, and the use of voice in developing executive presence. Command attention with intention!

Day 3:  Integrate your learning into how you live and lead. Through a blend of reflection and practical methods and tools, you will design your own blueprint – based on the strengths based-approach of positive psychology – stepping into your highest potential, building a growth mindset and expanding your leadership repertoire.


Arrival: Thursday 27 February 2020 afternoon

Departure: Sunday 1 March 2020 late afternoon/early evening


Hôtel Montaigne & Spa ****Cannes

4 Rue Montaigne F-06400 Cannes

We have chosen this hotel and spa with intention, because we wish our workshop to also put an emphasis on well-being and self-care. It is ideally located in a quiet street, a breeze away from the legendary Croisette, the beaches, and just five minutes from the station (for trains and airport buses). A little gem where luxury, well-being and the art of hospitality meet, it has a beautifully appointed Spa, which participants can make use of every day between the end of the workshop and dinner.


3-day workshop, accommodation for 3 nights, breakfast & light lunch, morning & afternoon coffee breaks.

Single room

€1,060 early-bird rate until 8 January 2020

€1,210 full rate after 8 January 2020

Shared twin room

€915 early-bird rate until 8 January 2020

€1,065 full rate after 8 January 2020

Note: Registration closes on 15 January. Number of places is restricted to 12 maximum


Transport to and from Cannes is not included in the price. Nice airport is only 25’ away with a rapid bus service to Cannes railway station every half-hour. And Cannes is also very well connected by train and motorway.


Prajna Paramita is a Senior Executive and Leadership Coach of Indian origin. She works in the public, corporate and not-for-profit sectors. Her background in psychology, social and cultural anthropology, and psychotherapy, are integrated into her coaching since she started in this professionally in 2000. Her career has encompassed diplomacy and strategic communication. Cross-cultural through her upbringing, education and career, she works across the globe from her bases in Brussels and New York. From the outset, a majority of Paramita’s clients have been professional women, most of who are in leadership positions.

Claudia Ritter is German-Dutch and lives between Brussels and Barcelona. With an M.A. in Languages and Literature, her initial career was in journalism and European public affairs consulting. After earning a Postgraduate M.Sc. in Leadership from Boston University she became an Executive and Leadership Coach in 2010. Her areas of expertise include balanced leadership, gender mainstreaming, women in economic governance, and women in media. She works with women from all walks of life and across the world.


In a world still dominated by models of male leadership, we offer programmes inspired by female archetypes, storytelling, and body-mind alignment. To tap into your inner resources and untold strengths, leading from inside out – from the head and heart – authentically.

Power & Grace was set up by Claudia Ritter in 2019. During 10-years of coaching women across the globe she realised that it is only when we truly know ourselves and our purpose that we can reach for the stars. With this in mind, she creates bespoke programmes with like-minded women Coach-Facilitators.

Some of the other programmes we offer are  Stand tall, get moving!’ – a guided exploration of flamenco to expand leadership presence  Career development or entrepreneurship? Leading with Emotional Intelligence  Creating impact in public speaking Using personality strengths to develop leadership style  Body-Mind alignment to build self-confidence.

Contact us for any more information and booking. 

And please pass this on to any friends or colleagues who might be interested.

claudia@power-and-grace.com or claudia.ritter@cleverland-communications.eu

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